Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL)
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Who Can Use COOL?

DON COOL is the gateway to the Navy, Marine Corps, and DON Civilian COOL websites! It is primarily oriented to external stakeholders, such as Credentialing Organizations and Employers who want to learn more about credentialing of Sailors, Marines, and DON civilians.

Other user groups who might benefit from the DON COOL family of sites will likely get the most of the experience by visiting the Service-specific Navy, Marine Corps, and DON Civilian COOL sites. These user groups include:

  • Sailors and Marines who want to know what civilian credentials relate to their military occupations, what gaps might exist between their military training and civilian credentialing requirements, and what resources are available to fill gaps.
  • Civilian Personnel who want to learn about professional development opportunities through credentialing.
  • Education, Career and Transition Counselors providing guidance to Sailors, Marines, and civilian personnel on education, professional growth, and career requirements and opportunities.
  • Recruiters who want to show potential recruits the opportunities for professional growth and civilian career preparation available to them.
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Updated 1/5/18