Understanding your LaDR

LaDR is short for Learning and Development Roadmap. It is updated annually and is a document that outlines training and education milestones for each rating at each pay grade. The LaDR is a tool you can use to optimize your Navy career path and will provide you with guidance toward advanced educational opportunities and professional certifications.

Every Sailor in the U.S. Navy must have and utilize their LaDRs (OPNAVINST 1500.77).

LaDR documents can be combined, covering all the pay grades in a rating, or paygrade-specific within a rating. The easiest way to tell is by looking at the document file name. The combined document for ABE, for example, is "abe_e1-e9.pdf," while the document specific to E4 for ABE is "abe_e4.pdf". You can choose to download the combined document or the one specific to your paygrade. Be aware that the combined document is quite large. If you want to print your LaDR, you probably want to print the paygrade-specific file since the combined document is so big.

You can find the paygrade-specific documents via the LaDR icons on Summary page Related Credentials tables, and by hovering over the LaDR button beneath the rating picture on Summary pages. (See the descriptions below.)

Finding LaDRs on COOL

You can view your LaDR in three different places on this website:

Enlisted Search Box

On any page, click "Find" on the side of the page, go to the Enlisted Search tab (open by default), then click on the LaDR button. You can then search on and select a specific LaDR document. To view the selected LaDR document, click Go. Note that this will open the combined LaDR document.

Summary Page Navy Duties Pane

On the Summary pages, in the Navy Duties section, the LaDR button is located below the rating picture next to the rating description. Hover over the button to choose which document you wish to download– paygrade specific or combined.

LaDR Icons in the Funded Certifications and Funded Licenses Tables

On Summary pages in the Related Credentials section, there are pay grade icons as depicted above. These icons tell you that the LaDR recommends the credential for Sailors in that pay grade. Hover your mouse over the icon to see more information.

Note that while a LaDR icon means a credential is recommended for that pay grade, Sailors above or below that pay grade can still seek the certification if they are eligible for it.

LaDR icons are also shown under Related Occupations tabs on the Snapshot and Analysis pages.

Using LaDR Bookmarks

LaDR documents have bookmarks that allow you to easily navigate the document, and make it very easy to print specific sections from the document.

To use the bookmarks:

Once you have downloaded your LaDR and opened it with Adobe Reader, you can take advantage of the bookmarks. (Most browsers also allow you to use bookmarks while viewing PDFs, but the functionality differs among browsers. Look for the bookmark icon in the browser window, usually near where the print icon is displayed.)

  1. In Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the bookmark icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

  1. Click on the bookmark for the section you want to print. Control-click to select multiple sections.
  2. Right-click to open the popup menu.
    • Choose "Print Page(s)" to print the first page of each of the selected sections.
    • Choose "Print Section(s) to print all the pages in each of the selected sections.