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MilGears has been developed to serve Sailors while they serve, as they transition, and beyond. Whether you're committed to completing a single enlistment term or plan to retire from the military, everyone gets out eventually. MilGears exists to help you plan in advance for that time by highlighting future possibilities and helping you visualize how to reach those goals. Tools on MilGears analyze your unique history—your military duties and training, civilian education and credentialing, and apprenticeships—to provide customized results. Key features include:

  • No PII is stored on our servers – we do not save or collect any of your information.
  • The ability for you to save an encrypted file to save your progress and return to the tool at any time.
  • Auto-filling of Tools based on uploaded service history document (ETJ, JST, or VMET).
  • An easy-to-read PDF summary of your military history that you can keep as a reference.
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Engage My Career Tool

The MilGears Engage My Career (EMC) Tool analyzes your unique history to provide customized results. The EMC Tool looks at what you've done in the military to date by guiding you through a series of questions that collect information such as: your rating, pay grade, duty station history, training, NECs, qualifications (applicable to Mariner careers), and civilian education or credentials. The EMC Tool then takes this information and helps you determine your best path forward by showing you the possible occupation options you may be eligible for based on your current experience. Customized output includes:

  • Civilian occupations that may be attainable or nearly attainable.
  • Apprenticeships, certifications, and education that can help you fill training gaps or that could make you more competitive in the job market.
  • How You Stack Up – a detailed view of how you compare to the typical requirements for civilian occupations and credentials.
  • Next Steps – recommendations to fill gaps to enter an occupational field.
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Mil-2-Mariner Tool

Visit the Mil-2-Mariner (M2M) Tool on the MilGears website for personalized information on Merchant Mariner credentials that may be attainable or nearly attainable based on your specific military experience and for information on how to navigate the process. The M2M Tool analyzes your entries and uploaded service records for creditable sea service, training and assessments that you completed during your military service and compares your results against the standard for an original or upgraded Merchant Mariner Credential to determine which credentials you may be able to pursue based on your specific military experience.

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Cyber IT/CSWF Tool

The Cyberspace IT/Cybersecurity Workforce (CSWF) Tool is based on the qualification matrices found on Navy COOL, which were developed to ensure that Sailors working in Cyber IT and Cybersecurity meet defined qualification requirements to serve in those roles. The CSWF Tool on MilGears guides you through a series of questions to determine how your personalized information stacks up against the requirements for specific CSWF roles within the Navy, as well as highlight any gaps that exist to become qualified for a role. Additionally, you can view related civilian occupations to help you plan for post-service employment that will use the skills you have honed during your time in service.

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Quick Explorer

The Quick Explorer option, available from the MilGears home page, allows Service members to explore occupations without uploading personal information. The following areas are available for exploration:

  • Credentials – explore pathways related to a specific credentials such as a degree, a certification, a USMAP apprenticeship or a federal license.
  • Career Goals – explore pathways based on career goals through job family, industry and more.
  • Military Occupation – Explore pathways by MOC to view ‘best-fit’ pathways based your military occupation. Pathways include academic, industry, apprenticeship, cross-rate opportunities, and post-service employment opportunities.
  • Interests – answer a series of questions designed to discover your personal interests and connect them to career pathways.
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Updated: December 1, 2020