Archived Navy Advancement Bibliographies

    Links to the reference materials for the substitute advancement exams are provided below.

    Click on the paygrade header for the desired advancement exam files. After the desired file is open, use the dropdown at the top of that file to see the information for the desired rating.


    March 2021 - ACTIVE DUTY/FTS


    March 2021 - ACTIVE DUTY/FTS


    March 2021 - ACTIVE DUTY/FTS


    January 2021 - ACTIVE DUTY/FTS

    Advancement Next Generation Study Planner (NGSP) - beta

    The Advancement Next Generation Study Planner (NGSP), currently in beta, is a Sailor-developed tool.

    It can assist you with:
    • Organizing your Advancement Bibliography
    • Setting and achieving bibliography study goals
    Functionality Notes:
    • Requires Microsoft Excel or equivalent spreadsheet application
    • When loading the spreadsheet, you will have to accept the prompts to allow the macro/scripts to run
    • Make sure you save changes as you update the spreadsheet
    • You can print your saved spreadsheet, or print to PDF

    This tool is provided via the Navy’s Advancement Center. Questions, comments, or recommended changes can be sent to:

    Exam Development and Bibliographies
    COM: (850) 473-6110
    DSN: 753-6110


    A BIBLIOGRAPHY is provided by the Navy Advancement Center (NAC) to document the REFERENCES used by a subject matter expert (a Navy Chief in the rating) as the basis for writing the items on the Active Duty and Reserve Navy Advancement Exams. If a reference has been updated since the exam was created and differs from the reference listed here, the information in the updated reference will be used as the basis for scoring the exam.

    General Exam FAQs     Bibliography FAQs


    Exam Development and Bibliographies
    COM: (850) 473-6110
    DSN: 753-6110

    General Advancement Information
    COM: (850) 473-6148
    DSN: 753-6148

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