Maintain Your Certifications! COOL Can Pay for Renewal Fees.

Credential Maintenance is Important!

Once you earn a certification, you need to maintain it! You can do this by submitting continuing education units, recertification exams and periodic maintenance fees to the credentialing agency. Each certification will list its renewal requirements, and you can find a summary of that information here on Navy COOL on Credential Snapshot pages. Make sure you understand the renewal requirements when you earn the certification so that it doesn't expire.

If you have earned a certification through Navy COOL or perhaps entered the Navy already holing a certification, don't let the certification expire prior to your end of active obligated service (EAOS)! Holding a credential is important, but they carry even more weight if you have held them over time and kept them current. Maintaining a certification is good for your professionalization as a Sailor, and it is definitely something you'll want to carry forward into your next career.

Maintenance/renewal fees can range from $25 – $500 annually (sometimes every three years or some other period). Multiply this by the number of certifications you have and maintenance can cost thousands of dollars over a military career. Navy COOL can assist you with that cost!

Here's How To Do It

  1. Make sure to upload your certification into your Fleet Training Management and Training System (FLTMPS) or Joint Service Transcripts (JST) record with your unit administrative section
  2. On the credentialing agency website, make sure your membership is current (no fees or monies owed for the current year or cycle)
  3. Review certifying agency's continuing education (CE) requirements (if any)
  4. Ensure that you are in compliance with the membership renewal process
  5. Back on COOL, submit a voucher request for the renewal fees via your Command Approving Official (E-7 or above) with a screen shot of the agency CE dashboard to Navy COOL for processing

For enlisted requests for voluntary certifications, Navy COOL verifies your eligibility as well as your membership status with the credentialing agency (is the account in good standing, current, etc.). Ensure you include a screen shot of the CE dashboard with your voucher request – a dashboard/invoice is required to verify certification currency.

Enlisted Sailors may have more than one certification renewal that can be supported by Navy COOL. If the request aligns with your rating (located on your rating page with a blue Navy$ icon) or is aligned through other avenues (prior rate, education, collateral duty, etc), identify what it relates to on the voucher, and route it through an E7 or above for approval to Navy COOL.

Navy COOL is not authorized per operating guidelines to pay for any membership fees or maintenance renewal fees if the account is in arears (not current with payment). If your account is delinquent, simply pay the past due fees (not the current year's fee) and submit request with an updated dashboard showing the account is current.