Advancement Next Generation Study Planner

Developed by a Sailor for Sailors

The Next Generation Study Planner (NGSP) is an Excel-based tool that can help you organize your advancement bibliography and your study goals. The NGSP, currently in beta, is an automated tool that takes exam bibliography data and creates an individualized study plan and time line for Sailors. The Sailor-developed tool can help you:

  • Organize your Advancement Bibliography
  • Set and achieve your bibliography study goals

To access the tool, navigate to your Rating Summary page, choose the Advancement Exam Bibliographies tab, and the NGSP Tool (Beta) sub-tab. (See the screen capture.)

Notes About the Tool

  • The tool requires Microsoft Excel
  • You must save the spreadsheet locally and accept the prompts to allow scripts and macros to run
  • Save your changes often as you update the spreadsheet
  • You can print your saved spreadsheet or save it as a PDF

The NGSP tool is provided via the Navy's Advancement Center. Send questions, comments or recommended changes to:

Exam Development and Bibliographies
COM: (850) 473-6110
DSN: 753-6110

Screen capture of Rating Summary page highlighting Advancement Exam Bibliographies tab and NGSP tool sub-tab
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Updated: March 1, 2021