LaDR Documents Redesigned

LaDR Documents Redesigned, Enhanced to Include Reserves

The Navy’s Learning and Development Roadmap (LaDR) outlines professional and personal training and career pathways for each rating at each pay grade, to include guidance toward advanced educational opportunities and professional certifications.

With recent enhancements, the LaDRs now not only can be utilized by active duty personnel but have been enhanced to also serve the unique needs of the Reserve Sailor. 

In addition, the LaDRs have been updated with a modernized style and design.  This enhanced design offers Sailors a document that is easier to read and more appealing.

You can open rating information cards from the LaDR menu drop-down and on rating Summary pages—the link is below the rating image. Check out the LaDR for your rating on Navy COOL today!

Old Design

Image of original LaDR Cover Page

Image of original LaDR Skills Training Page

New Design

Image of redesigned LaDR Cover Page

Image of redesigned LaDR Skills Training Page

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Updated: September 29, 2019