COOL Can Pay Your Cyber IT/CSWF Maintenance Fees

Navy COOL can help you maintain your certifications by funding your annual maintenance fees. Navy COOL can pay for maintenance fees whether the certification is required for Cyber IT/Cybersecurity Workforce (CSWF), or is a voluntary certification.

Many CSWF certifications require that you maintain proficiency by earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Continuing Professionalization Education (CPE) as well as pay annual maintenance/renewal fees. These fees can range from $25 to $400. While most credentialing agencies require continuing education and renewal fees to maintain their certifications (for example, CompTIA, ISACA, ISC2, EC- Council and SANS), others require a recertification exam (for example, CISCO every 3 years).

Let Navy COOL assist you with the payments while you focus on earning and submitting the CPU or CPE to the agency. When you earn a certification, make sure to familiarize yourself with and verify the agency membership requirements (payment cycles, annual fees, cycle CE submission, annual CE submission) and check on it periodically for any changes. When requesting payment of your annual fees from COOL, a screen shot of the your CE dashboard from the agency website is required along with the voucher request. This allows COOL to verify your membership status. If your account/membership is in arears (out of the payment cycle), Navy COOL is not authorized to fund the late fees.

For the Cyber IT/CSWF enlisted, officer, and DoN civilian personnel, the organizational Cyber IT/CSWF-PM may approve your request. The Cyber IT/CSWF eligibility requirements for service members remain the same as for a voluntary voucher request. For all Cyber IT/CSWF requests, Navy COOL verifies the request against the Cyber IT/CSWF applicant's Total Workforce Management System (TWMS) record for proper alignment of required credentials. Command Cyber IT/CSWF-PM cannot approve voluntary requests for enlisted Sailors. Cyber IT/CSWF-PM's may only approve CSWF requests that meet a mandatory cybersecurity credential requirement. For further information see the TWMS section on the Cyber IT/CSWF-PM Management Resources page here on COOL.

For enlisted voluntary requests an E7 or above within your command may approve the request. Navy COOL verifies your eligibility as well as your membership status with the credentialing agency (is the account in good standing, current, etc.). A screen shot of your CE Dashboard on the agency's website is required along with your voucher request.

Navy COOL can support more than one certification renewal for enlisted Sailors. If the request does not align with the Cyber IT/CSWF position and is on your rating page or supported through other avenues (prior rate, education, collateral duty, etc), identify it as voluntary and what it relates to, and route it through an E7 or above for approval to Navy COOL.

Let us help you meet your certification standards and maintain the certification through your career.