Hear from Sailors about COOL Success!

This installment of On the Radar brings the fourth edition of COOL Success Stories—stories about how your shipmates have used Navy COOL to earn credentials and achieve success. These new stories have been also added to the Navy COOL Success Stories page, which you can find in the News and Information section. Use their examples as inspiration, and to see how easy it is to experience credentialing success!

Name: Jason "Jay" Taylor, M.A., SPIPC, PSC, MAC, USN (ret)

Command: Supervisory Security Specialist, Acting Chief, SPeD Program Management Office CDSE, Defense Security Service

Credentials earned on Navy COOL: Homeland Security and Emergency Management Certifications

Jay Tailor stands for formal portrait wearing a suit in front of an American flag

“In my opinion, Navy COOL is a great program that can help Sailor's enhance their knowledge and skills by obtaining credentials recognized in the civilian sector. This program has helped me by giving me a path of success as I entered the civilian workforce after retirement. The credentials I earned in Homeland Security and Emergency Management were recognized and helped me to earn a government job in Security Management. The Navy COOL program was very easy to use, surfing the website and challenging the exams was not difficult. Start working on your professional development by obtaining these credentials before you get out. These Navy COOL credentials can be used on your resume and LinkedIn accounts to be recognized by employers. Be sure to prepare yourself by using the skills that you were taught in the Navy and getting a credential so that your skills are transferrable and recognized by the civilian sector. I honestly believe that I would not be in the Security Management field today if I had not taken the time to get credentials through Navy COOL. These credentials have boosted my job opportunities and helped me to land a great government Security Management job.”

Name: AWVC (NAC/AW) Michael Karas

Command: Air Test and Evaluation Squadron TWO ZERO (VX 20), Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, MD

Credentials earned on Navy COOL: Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), CompTIA Server+, CompTIA Security+ ce, CompTIA A+ ce, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows 10, and Foreign Object Eliminator (FOE)

Sailor stands with arms crossed with a Navy UAV in the background

“In my opinion Navy COOL is an exceptional program that allows Sailors another option to develop themselves. College programs are not for everyone and Navy COOL is that alternative for motivated Sailors. It gives them the chance to apply their skills and desire for professional development with recognized professional organizations that certify their knowledge and skills. This is not one of those programs where there is a long turn around in making use of it. Navy COOL's voucher request form is easy to fill out, can be emailed in with digital signature from your approving official, and most times you get a response from Navy COOL the same day. Don't take this program as something that can be easily clicked through or gun decked. It takes real effort to undertake the certifications offered and the benefits of being recognized for your expertise will pay dividends both in and out of the Navy. Being a Naval Aircrewman, I normally do not have the opportunity to undertake certifications outside of my rating. Since I have completed a degree program in cyber security, I have been studying for and completing a number of IT certifications that have been funded by Navy COOL. This has been a very important aspect of my career planning for the future so employers know my skill sets from organizations they trust.”