Hear from Sailors about COOL Success!

This installment of On the Radar brings new COOL Success Stories—stories about how your shipmates have used Navy COOL to earn credentials and achieve success. These new stories will be added to the Navy COOL Success Stories page, which you can find in the News and Information section. Use their examples as inspiration, and to see how easy it is to experience credentialing success!

Name: MMN1 David Platt

Command: Norfolk Navy Shipyard, Nuclear Regional Maintenance Department

Credentials earned on Navy COOL: Registered Radiation Protection Technologist (RRPT)

Sailor faces camera and smiles while he holds his RPT certificate

“Navy COOL helped enable me to obtain a highly sought after Radiation Protection Technologist (RPT) certification. After finding out I was eligible, I found the exam dates and learned that there was an exam scheduled less than a month away. I contacted Navy COOL and they helped me expedite funding the exam and were extremely helpful in aiding me in enrolling for the examination. I studied hard using a wealth of study information provided by the national registry of radiation protection technologists and free electronic sources on Navy COOL. I was very well prepared once the exam came and was able to pass and obtain my certification. I have helped share this knowledge in my work center and have empowered those around me to use Navy COOL and take advantage of the amazing opportunity they have provided.”

Name: HM3 Dezmen Young

Command: Naval Branch Health Clinic, Key West, FL

Credentials earned on Navy COOL: Certified Phlebotomist Technologist (CPT)

Sailor in uniform wearing latex exam gloves smiles at camera as he stands besides small medical centrifuge sitting on table among test tube racks

“To obtain the National Phlebotomy Certification was super easy and straight forward. There was no test involved but there was an experience requirement, so there is no excuse why a Hospital Corpsman shouldn’t have it. It is 100 percent free through Navy COOL and can help in the Navy and for a job outside of the Navy.”

Name: ITCS (IW/SW/AW) John T. Amason III

Command: NATO Communications and Information Systems School, Latina, Italy

Credentials earned on Navy COOL: CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) and CompTIA Security+ ce

Sailor sits at table with a PC screen showing a page from Navy COOL

“At the encouragement of a mentor, I embarked on attaining a new certification and earned the CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification. I'm currently in a Navy billet as an instructor teaching NATO CIS curriculum to NATO and partner nation military and civilian personnel. The CTT+ process itself is two part and Navy COOL funded both. First is passing a written exam relevant to delivering commercial content to students. The second part is practical performance involving submitting a video of yourself while instructing to students using industry standard techniques. As a Navy instructor, and upon retirement, this CTT+ certification shows to the Navy and to potential civilian employers, that I am a marketable asset.”