Blueprint to Mariner

Blueprint to Mariner document coverIf you are Active Duty or Reserve U.S. Navy personnel (Officers or Enlisted), make sure to explore the wide range of exciting post-service career opportunities within the maritime industry. For an overview of maritime opportunities, paths to U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) licensing, and Navy COOL funding opportunities, see the new Blueprint to Mariner document.

Although employment in the maritime industry requires licensing from the USCG, enlisted Active Duty & Reserve U.S. Navy personnel in eligible ratings may be able use Navy COOL to fund the licensing fees and exams.

U.S. Merchant Marine sealThe U.S. Merchant Marine consists of privately-owned, U.S. registered merchant ships and a variety of towing, offshore supply, and passenger vessels which provide waterborne transportation for passengers and cargoes moving in domestic and international commerce.

Primary shipboard employment categories include deep sea, Great Lakes, towing and barges, inland and coastal waters, passenger vessels, and offshore and mineral operations. Other areas of employment in the maritime industry include shipbuilding and repair, longshoring (cargo handling), port terminal administration, and inter-modal logistics.

You can find general information about the maritime industry in the Maritime Careers Brochure and the Maritime Careers Resources Guide. For additional information about career opportunities within the U.S. Merchant Marine industry and the Department of Defense Civilian Mariners (CIVMARS) of the Military Sealift Command (MSC) see the Military to Mariner page maintained by the United States Maritime Administration (MARAD) and the MSC About MSC page.

This Maritime Industry website includes numerous links to maritime companies, schools.