410X - Chaplain Corps

Designator Description

Advises commander/commanding officer on ethical and religious matters within the command. Develops the spiritually fit sea warrior through the administration of the command religious program by: conducting divine services, administering sacraments/ordinances, performing rites/ceremonies in the manner and form of the Chaplain's own faith, conducting pastoral visitations, providing advisement and instruction pertaining to spiritual fitness for personnel and other faiths.

Voluntary Education

In addition to obtaining certifications in your field, voluntary education is another way to enhance job performance. Options for voluntary education include:

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Collateral Duty / Out of Rate Assignments

Navy collateral duties/out of rate assignments play a vital role in the day-to-day operations and duties that Officers and Enlisted Sailors perform. Certifications and licenses are also available in these collateral duties/out of rate assignments, so please go to the Collateral Duty/Out of Rate Assignments search feature and explore more opportunities to get certified (click "Find" on the side of this page, go to the "Officers Search" section, then use the "- Select Collateral Duty -" drop-down list).