DON Personnel assigned to Joint DoD Commands

For DON Personnel assigned to Joint DoD Commands that do not follow SECNAV M-5239.2 (June 2016) Cyber IT/CSWF guidance and work on non-Navy Networks, the following pertains:

The DON Joint DoD Command IAM/ISSM will:

  1. Ensure proper assignment of DON Personnel to valid CSWF positions in TWMS.
  2. Ensure that an applicant completes a Navy COOL voucher request form. Download the voucher request form from the Navy COOL website, to ensure that the applicant is using the most current version of the form.

    The Applicant must complete Part 1 through Part 5 and then submit the request to the IAM/ISSM for screening and approval (in Part 6).

  3. Screen the voucher request prior to submission to:
    1. Verify that the applicant is NOT requesting a certification exam voucher for an exam that was previously funded by Navy COOL for the applicant. Applicants who were previously funded and certified should maintain the certification via the certifying agency's continuing education program. Navy COOL is not authorized to fund for the purposes of updating or recertifying certification exams that were previously funded. Email Navy COOL ( for verification if needed.
    2. Verify that the enlisted applicant has a minimum two months remaining on EAOS (End of Active Obligated Service).
    3. Verify TWMS registration. Assigned position/role will be entered in Part 1, Block 5 of the voucher request form.
    4. Verify all parts of the voucher request form are complete. (NOTE: for Parts 4, 5 & 6 this includes checking boxes to indicate acknowledgment and/or compliance of statements.)
  4. IAM/ISSM will approve the request by completing Part 6.
  5. Submit the completed/approved request form to NAVIFOR no later than ten business days prior to the exam testing date. This will allow NAVIFOR three (3) business days to review and forward to Navy COOL, Navy COOL requires a minimum of seven business days to complete the review and funding process.
  6. The voucher request will then be sent to NAVIFOR for approval at the following e-mail address:

*As a reminder, Navy COOL does not provide funding for training.