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Get the Most Out of COOL

The following sections include instructions on using important COOL features. We recommend reviewing all sections to ensure you can get the most out of COOL.

Tour icon

Use the Tour feature for a quick feature overview. There are two separate tours: one for the top navigation, and one for Summary Page Related Credentials tables. With both, click on the Tour icon to step through the features described. At any time, you can click "Got it," to end the tour.

Top Navigation Tour

Available at the top of every page.

Top navigation bar with Tour highlighted

Related Credential Table Tour

Available on the Related Credentials table top menu bar on Rating Summary pages.

Summary page credential table top menu bar with Tour highlighted

Navigator icon

The Navigator is always available at the top of every page. Use the Navigator feature to find information other than your Rating Summary page. (For that, use the Go to: menu.)

Once you select Enlisted or Officer, you can explore by related topics.

For enlisted:

  • Rating (same as Go to: Rating)
  • Collateral Duty/Out of Rate Assignment
  • Apprenticeship
  • Navy Career Area
  • In Demand Credentials by Career Area
  • LaDRs
  • Advancement Exam Bibliographies

For officer:

  • Designator (same as Go to: Designator)
  • Collateral Duty/Assignment
  • Navy Career Area
  • In Demand Credentials by Career Area

1. Click or tap the Navigator icon
Top menu with Navigator highlighted

2. Select Enlisted or Officer and click or tap Next
Navigator menu highlighting I am selection

3. Choose an item from the I Want to... list and click or tap Next
Enlisted navigator menu with Collateral Duty selected and Next highlighted

4. Choose an item from the drop-down list that displays
Collateral Duty navigator menu with Command Fitness Leader selected and Next highlighted

5. View the resulting page


Go to search icon

If you know you want to go directly to your Summary page, you can use a Navigator shortcut by using the Go to: Rating and Go to: Designator searches in the Top Menu.

To use the Rating or Designator search:

  1. Click Rating or Designator in the Top Menu
  2. Select the rating or designator of your choice.
  3. Click or tap Next.
  4. The chosen Summary page displays.

Go to: rating menu with Rating and Next highlighted

Go to: designator menu with Designator and Next highlighted


Summary pages have many features that can help you explore the credentials that are related to your military training and experience. We highly recommend reviewing the sections listed below, so you can get the most out of Navy COOL.

This new feature helps you focus on credentials and information most pertinent to you, based on the "persona" you choose from the Specialized Information for... drop-down, located above the National Certifications table in the Related Credentials tab. Selecting a persona applies filters to the National Certifications table to make it easier to find certifications most applicable to you. The information box that displays when you select a persona also contains helpful related information.

To use this feature:

  1. Click Select One
  2. Select the persona from the list that seems most applicable to your situation
  3. Read the information that displays, note the applied filters, and review the credential table

Following is a description of the filters each persona applies. To return to the default view (which displays all certifications sorted alphabetically), choose None (Reset) from the list.

Persona Description
Early Career Filters certifications for Navy Bucks, and LaDR designated for E1 through E3.
Mid Career Filters certifications for Navy Bucks, and LaDR designated for E4 through E6.
Late Career Filters certifications for Navy Bucks, and LaDR designated for E7 through E9.
Transitioning Filters for in-demand credentials that are GI-Bill approved.
Promotion-Seeking Filters credentials for Navy Bucks, and related as Most or Some. (For Definitions of Most and Some, see the table legend.)
Veteran Filters for in-demand credentials that are GI-Bill approved.
None (Reset) Returns the credential table to the default settings (show all credentials sorted alphabetically).


Summary page national credential tab with Specialized Information for menu highlighted Summary page national credential tab with Specialized Information for menu open Summary page national credential tab with Specialized Information for menu displaying information for Early Career


The credential table has its own tour. To use it, click the Tour icon in the menu bar at the top of the table. This is an extremely handy way to get an overview of all the credential table features.

National credential table top menu with Tour icon highlighted


You can search the credentials table by typing in the Search box above the table. The table filters as you type. To search for any credential that has the word "baker" anywhere in its row, simply type "baker" in the search box.

The search word becomes an active filter, so you can use it in combination with other table filters.

National credential table top menu with the Search box highlighted and the word Baker typed in it


The number of credentials shown in the National Credentials table can be overwhelming. You can use the filters in combination with the Search feature and column sorting, and you can use multiple filters.

To use the filters, click on Select Filters at the top of the credentials table. The available fitlers are described in the table below.

Filter Description
Credential Agency Selecting one or more agency names from the list filters the table to show only credentials from those agencies.
Experience After "A" School

Filters for credentials by experience requirements.

Experience after “A” School is a general indicator for the number of years of experience required to be eligible for a credential.  Credentials that require less than a year of experience are generally attainable after completion of “A” School.  Credentials may be filtered to display the years of experience required by selecting <1 year and/or < 4 years.

Related As Filters by one or more of Most, Some and/or Other. (For descriptions of Most, Some and Other, see the table Legend.)
In Demand Filter for credentials the U.S. Department of Labor sponsored CareerOneStop's analysis indicates the certification is frequently mentioned in online job postings.
Navy Bucks

Filter for credentials listed in the Credentials table have been approved for payment through the Navy's Credential Program Office.

Gap Analysis Filters for credentials that have had a detailed analysis comparing the credential requirements to the military occupation completed.
LaDR Paygrade

Filter for one or more LaDR pay grades.

LaDR (Learning and Development Roadmap) icons call out credentials that are "highly recommended" (but not mandatory) for a particular pay grade – because they complement the training, experience, and competency of that paygrade. You are NOT restricted from attempting credentials recommended for senior & junior pay grades (as long as you meet all eligibility requirements). The Navy Bucks icon indicates all the credentials for which you might be eligible.

GI Bill Filters for credentials where reimbursement for exam fees has been approved for payment through the GI Bill for the credentials with the GI Bill icon in this column.
Accreditation Filters for credentials that have been accredited by the selected accrediting bodies.
Attainability Filters for assigned attainability level, which indicates ease of attainability in relationship to the experience and education requirements for this credential and the duties performed within the military occupation. Possible values are High (easily attained), Medium and Low (hard to attain).


Summary page national credential table with Select Filters box open and highlighted


In addition to the traditional table view, you can now view the credential information in card view. This view is especially useful when you have applied several filters and narrowed the displayed credentials down to just a few and want to compare them side-by-side using the Compare feature (also described on this page).

The card view also features a Quick View, triggered by clicking Quick View on the bottom-right of cards for credentials related as Some or Most.

National credential table showing card view and with the card view icon highlighted


You can compare up to six credentials by selecting them to compare in either table or card view.

Once you have selected two or more credentials, new icons become active in the table menu – the Compare and Clear icons. The graphics to the right show:

  1. Credentials selected to compare in table view. Click or tap the checkboxes in the Compare column to include the credential in the comparison.
  2. Credentials selected to compare in card view. Click or tap the checkbox in the upper right corner of the credential card to include in the comparison.
  3. The selected credentials in compare view (displayed by clicking the compare icon). To clear the comparison selections, click the Clear icon (the X).
National credential table showing two credentials with compare checked National credential table showing two credentials with compare checked National credential table showing two credentials with compare checked


For an explanation of what all the icons in the table mean, click the Legend icon on the table menu to display the legend.

For instructions on using the table's features, click the Help icon.

To print the credentials table with the current filters and sorts applied, click the Print icon.

National credential table menu with Legend, Help and Print highlighted


Here are several tips that can help make getting around COOL easier.

Home Page Link

Did you know that clicking on the Navy COOL logo in the top-left corner of the screen will take you to the home page?

Top banner of page with Navy COOL logo highlighted

Top Link

Once you scroll down a page a bit, a Top link appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Click it to go to the top of the page.

Bottom of a Summary page with Top link highlighted

Full Credential Search

The Search for Credentials page allows you to search all the credentials on COOL at once, in one place. The credential table has all the same tools a Summary credential page has—keyword search, filters, sorting, card view, and compare view. This makes it easy to find if a credential is on COOL. And, when you click on a credential and go to the Credential Snapshot page, you can click on the Related Credentials tab to see what Ratings are related to the credential. To get to this search page, click the Full Credential Search link at the bottom of the Navigator or Main menus.

Navigator menu with Full Credential Search link highlighted

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