Step 2: Complete Voucher and Apply

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To be ready to complete your voucher and apply to receive funding, you must:

  • Check your voucher eligibility
  • Request a voucher
  • Get the voucher

Check Your Voucher Eligibility

In the first step of the process, you will have determined whether you meet the credential agency eligibility requirements. Now you need to make sure you meet the Navy’s voucher eligibility requirements. The eligibility requirements for a credential are detailed in two places on COOL: (1) read about the Navy’s Voucher Eligibility Requirements (go to linked page, open "Checking your Eligibility"), and (2) in the Main Menu at the top right of any page: click or tap the Menu icon, and then under Credentialing Steps, click or tap Step 2 “Complete Voucher and Apply” to complete the Voucher Eligibility Tool.

Request a Voucher

Once you have completed the Voucher Eligibility Tool and determined that you are eligible for a credential, you can apply for a voucher from the Navy’s Credentials Program Office. It is important to note that you must receive approval for a voucher from the Navy's Credentials Program Office BEFORE registering for, scheduling or taking an exam, or taking any other action that requires payment.

To find out more about the timing of requesting a voucher, check out Timeline for Receiving Credential Funding (go to linked page, open "Timeline for Receiving Credential Funding").

To apply for a voucher: Click or tap on Menu at the upper-right of any page, and then under Credentialing Steps click or tap Step 2 “Complete Voucher and Apply”.

Get the Voucher

Once you have applied for a voucher through Navy’s Credentials Program Office, you will receive an e-mail approving your voucher request, and you'll need to wait for a further email once funding is in place... or you will receive an email rejecting your voucher request along with an explanation of why and how to correct it.

It is important to note that you are not authorized to register, schedule, or take an exam, or take any other action that requires payment until you receive specific approval (via email from Navy COOL) that your credential fee has been funded. Navy COOL will also provide next steps via email to register, take, or apply the funding arranged.

Get a voucher

Voucher FAQS

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Updated: October 23, 2019