Step 1: Find and Select Related Credentials

Find and select

Often there are lots of credentials out there related to your Navy training and experience so it is important that you research them carefully and consider the following:

Experience and Background

Your service in the Navy is a great asset to you and will set you up nicely to attain the credentials you want. When you are searching, you will do so based on factors associated with your rating, designator, collateral duty or out of rate assignment, or completed academic degree/certificate. Keep in mind that some credentials might be open to you as you gain rank, too!


Some credentials are better attempted prior to separating from the Navy: some may even be more useful to you and help you advance your career before you separate. No matter the path you choose, consider how long the credential might take to achieve as a part of your decision-making process. See Do I Need a Credential? for more information about factors you might consider.

Credential Eligibility

Credential agencies may have education, training, experience, and other requirements associated with a credential. To learn more about credential eligibility requirements go to How are Credential Requirements Determined? Then be sure to find out if you are good to go or not by reviewing all of the eligibility requirements for the particular credential. You can find the eligibility requirements for the credential by clicking on the credential title once you have identified it on your Summary page.

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Updated: September 21, 2019