Other Navy and Government Funding Sources

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While the Navy's COOL Program Office can only pay for expenses described under “Navy COOL Funding,” there are other sources of funding for which you might be eligible. This includes funding from other Navy programs as well as funding attained through the Department of Veterans Affairs as part of the GI Bill®.

Find out more about the other funding resources:

Costs Covered by Other Navy and Government Sources
Credential Preparation
check_box College Courses/Degrees
check_box_outline_blank Study Materials
check_box Non-college degree training
Initial Credential Attainment
check_box_outline_blank Membership Fees
check_box_outline_blank Application Fees
check_box Exam Fees
Credential Maintenance and Renewal
check_box CEUs
check_box_outline_blank Recertification Fees
check_box_outline_blank Exam Fees


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Navy Tuition Assistance Program

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Navy College Program

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GI Bill

GI Bill®

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Updated: October 29, 2019