Navy Funding FAQs

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the Navy’s Credentials Program is expected to fund the credentialing exam/fee, under no circumstances shall the member (or member’s command/organization) register, take, participate in, schedule, or otherwise obligate the member or Government in any Navy-funded credentialing program or exam without completed and confirmed funding from the Navy’s Credentials Program Office.

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General Information about Vouchers

How much will I have to pay to get a voucher?

Who do I contact about the Navy-funded voucher program?

What if there is no voucher/funding available?

When will the voucher program end?

When authorized, what forms do I need to request a reimbursement?

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Who is eligible for the credential voucher?

Are family members eligible to receive a voucher?

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Covered Costs

Once I earn a certification, are maintenance fees eligible for funding?

Can I use my voucher for a credential fee that I did not originally apply for?

Which credential can I use my voucher for?

How can I get training in preparation to take a credential exam?

Can I request mandatory Cyber Security Work Force certifications funded via Navy COOL?

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Voucher Process

How can I get a voucher?

Who is the approving authority on my voucher application?

What if my direct supervisor is not military?

How long does the application process take?

What is the deadline for applying for a voucher?

How will I receive my voucher?

When can I use my voucher?

When will my voucher expire?

Can I apply for more than one voucher?

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Credential Exam Process

Where can I take a practice exam?

How can I register for a credential exam after I have been approved for an exam voucher?

Can I change or postpone my credential exam date?

What do I do if I have lost my voucher number?

Where do I go to take my credential exam?

What do I do if there are no testing facilities near where I am stationed?

When will I know my exam score?

How will I receive my credential certificate?

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Reporting Exam Results

Why do I have to report my exam pass or fail?

Who will see exam pass or fail information?

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Missing or Failing Exams

Will I have to re-pay the Credentials Program Office if I don't pass the exam?

Can I retake the exam if I fail?

Will I have to re-pay the Credentials Program Office if I fail to take a scheduled exam?