Navy-Funded Exam Vouchers

Graphic depicting a voucher with a dollar sign on it

The Navy's Credentials Program Office has a limited amount of certification/license exam voucher funds that may be used by enlisted and officer personnel towards specifically-identified certifications and licenses. These vouchers will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. In general, the Navy will pay for credentialing exam fees under the following circumstances:

  • The credential has been approved for Navy funding
  • The Service member meets eligibility requirements including that the credential is appropriate to their:
    • Rating/Designator
    • Collateral Duty
    • Related Academic Degrees or Semester Courses
    • Previous Rating or Designator
    • On-Duty, Off-Duty, or Command-Sponsored Training
    • Civilian Occupation for Navy Reservists
    • Prior Other-Service Occupation
    • Credentials Earned and Maintained Prior to Joining the Navy
  • The Service member has a minimum two months remaining on his/her enlistment at the time the credential is awarded. (All requirements must be validated by the Command Approving Official)
  • The Service member meets the credentialing agency’s requirements to earn/maintain the credential

The voucher covers the cost of the examination, re-certification, or maintenance fee.

Note: For information on funding of mandatory CyberIT/CSWF certifications, see the Funding and Voucher Requests page in the CSWF section of this site.

Finding Funded Credentials Using COOL

Throughout the site, Navy Bucks icon identifies a credential that has been approved for Navy funding based on rating, designator, prior rating/designator or collateral duty via a pre-paid voucher or pre-approved reimbursement. Navy funded certifications based on a related academic degree, off-duty or command sponsored training or civilian occupation for Navy Reservists do not require a Navy Bucks icon icon for funding.

To find funded credentials, click on Step 1 “Find & Select Related Credentials” at the top of any page and then search for your rating, designator, or collateral duty/out of rate assignment and look for the Navy Bucks in the “Related Credentials” table. All credentials shown with a Navy Bucks are funded.

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Updated: August 1, 2020