Navy COOL Funding

Costs Covered by Navy COOL
Credential Preparation
Not Checked College Courses/Degrees
Not Checked Study Materials
Not Checked Non-college degree training
Initial Credential Attainment
Check Membership Fees
Check Application Fees
Check Exam Fees
Credential Maintenance and Renewal
Not Checked CEUs
Check Recertification and/or Maintenance Fees
Check Exam Fees

The Credentials Program Office administers a voucher program that will pay for eligible credentialing exams, recertification fees, and maintenance fees. The Navy's Credentials Program Office does NOT fund for training, study materials, or exam preparation materials.

The Navy's Credentials Program Office can reimburse credentialing exam fees for enlisted personnel only for expenses that are not eligible for a prepaid voucher, and only when specifically coordinated and authorized via the Navy's Credentials Program Office BEFORE you start, take, participate in, or otherwise obligate yourself or the Government in any Navy-funded credentialing program or exam.

There are two methods of funding for credentialing exams through the Credentialing Programs Office: