Costs and Funding

Now that you have decided to get a credential, it is important to understand all the costs that may be associated with preparing for, attaining, and maintaining your credential. There may be fees associated with each step of the process. The Navy COOL program primarily pays for costs associated with initial credential attainment and maintaining and renewing the credential. There are resources available, however, to help Service members cover some of the other costs associated with credentialing.

Typical Credential Costs and Potential Sources of Funding*

Types of Costs Navy Funding Other Resources
Credential PreparationCredential Preparation
College courses/academic certificate programs/degrees Tuition Assistance GI Bill
Study Materials  
Non-college Preparatory Programs Tuition Assistance Clock-Hour Training GI Bill Non-College Degree Program
Credential AttainmentInitial Credential Attainment
Membership Fees  COOL
Application Fees  COOL
Exam Fees  COOL GI Bill
Credential MaintenanceCredential Maintenance and Renewal
CEU Activities  Tuition Assistance** GI Bill
Annual Maintenance Fees COOL
Recertification Fees COOL
Exam Fees  COOL GI Bill

*Note: not all credentials have all of the costs noted above. In addition, funding sources have eligibility and other criteria that may limit what is covered. You need to research the credential requirements and the program eligibility requirements in order to determine what applies to your situation.

**Note: CEU activities may be earned via related college courses/degrees or clock-hour training, if your education goal is related to the certification. TA CEU activities outside of academic/clock-hour sources may be at your personal expense.

Find out more about the potential costs associated with credentialing and the available funding resources.

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