MOS 0631 Network Administrator

MOS Description

Network Administrators install operate and maintain Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) to enable command and control.  Typical duties include routing/switching configuration, premise wiring, installation of network components.  They establish technical control sites, conduct fault analysis, circuit testing and end to end troubleshooting.  Additional responsibilities include, network monitoring and Quality of Service (QOS) to maintain adequate bandwidth utilization in support of communication networks and data services.  Network Administrators will maintain records on activation/deactivation of communications links and maintenance actions performed.  Marines will be familiar with routing protocols, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Internet Protocol Security (IPSEC), subletting, traffic monitoring and cybersecurity.  Skill progression training for Staff Sergeant through Corporal is the Network Supervisor Course.

Continuing Education

In addition to obtaining certifications in your field, advanced education is another way to enhance job performance.

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