Step 3: Get a Credential

Graphic of exam paper

It is important to note that Marine Corps COOL is not a credentialing organization—you do not sign up for or take exams from Marine Corps COOL. Once you have an approved exam voucher, you are responsible for contacting a credential exam test center (i.e. Pearson VUE, ProMetric, New Horizons, LaserGrade, etc…) to schedule the exam. You must schedule and take your exam within 60 days of issue of the Marine Corps-funded voucher or the voucher expires (unless specifically coordinated with the Marine Corps' Credentials Program Office).

You can find test vendor information for a specific credential, where available, here on COOL on a credential's information page. Note that some credentialing agencies do not use test vendors and may not have information in this tab. To find the information page for a credential:

  1. Click on Menu in the upper right corner
  2. Click on Full Credential Search at the bottom of the menu section
  3. Type the credential name into the Search box on the right above the credential list
  4. Click on the credential name in the results to go to the credential information page
  5. On the credential information page, click on the Exam section (when available)
  6. Click on the Testing Info tab (when available)

For credentials that use a test vendor, please visit the test vendor websites for important messages.

Credential snapshot page highlighting Testing Information tab in Exam section

The following is a list of test vendors that may be included. Marine Corps COOL does not endorse any of the following vendors, but lists them on the site for your convenience.

Test Vendors

Once you have taken the exam and received your results, go to Step 4: Report Results.

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Updated: February 1, 2021