Process Overview

COOL plays a role in a four-step credentialing process, but some steps require you to reach out to the credentialing agency or exam vendor. The four basic steps are shown in the Main Menu accessible from the top right corner of every page. This page provides an overview of the steps, with links to more detailed information about each step. You should review this carefully to understand the entire process.

Done on this websiteDone outside of this website

Step 1: Find & Select Related Credentials

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Use COOL’s Go to: or Navigator features to see how your Marine Corps training and experience matches up with civilian credential requirements. It’s easy to use and you can search by code or title for MOS or collateral duty/out of billet MOS.

Step 2: Complete Voucher and Apply

Once you have selected the credentialing exam or maintenance fee you would like funded and confirmed your eligibility for the funding, you're ready to complete your voucher request and apply for the credential funding you need.

Step 3: Get Credential

Marine Corps COOL is not a credentialing organization. You do not sign up for or take exams from Marine Corps COOL. Once you get a voucher, you will need to contact the credentialing organization or test vendor to schedule and take the exam.

Step 4: Report Results to Marine Corps COOL

Once you’ve taken the appropriate exams or have met requirements for recertification, you are ready to report your results to COOL and other agencies, whether you passed or failed.

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Updated: September 26, 2019