Marine Corps-Funded Exam Vouchers

Funded Exam Vouchers

The Marine Corps' Credentials Program Office has a limited amount of certification/license exam voucher funds that may be used by enlisted personnel towards specifically-identified certifications and licenses. These vouchers will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. In general, the Marine Corps will pay for credentialing exam fees under the following circumstances:

  • The credential has been approved for Marine Corps funding;
  • The Marine meets eligibility requirements including that the credential is appropriate to their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or collateral duty/out of billet MOS and is validated by their Commanding Officer or Command Approving Official; and
  • The Marine has a minimum six months remaining on his or her enlistment at the time the credential is awarded.

Throughout the site, COOL Bucks icon identifies a credential that has been approved for Marine Corps funding via a pre-paid voucher or pre-approved reimbursement. The voucher covers the cost of the examination, re-certification, or maintenance fee.

Finding Funded Credentials Using COOL

To find funded credentials, click on the Navigator icon at the top of any page andthen search for your MOS and look for the MC Bucks in the “Related Credentials” table. All credentials shown with a MC Bucks are funded.

A Voucher Eligibility Tool can be found near the top of any page by clicking on Step 2 "Complete Voucher and Apply."

To be eligible for a certification or license voucher:

  • Enlisted Marines must meet one of the following eligibility requirements:
    1. Be in the appropriate Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or collateral duty/out of billet MOS to which the credential is mapped.
    2. Be currently working in, or have been assigned to, a position to which the credential is mapped.
    3. Have prior documented experience in a position to which the credential is mapped for credentials outside of their specific MOS, and the credential has relevance or applicability to the current or future needs of the command or the Marine Corps.
  • A Marine's eligibility for credentials must be validated and approved by their Commanding Officer or command-designated approving official (E-7 or above). Additionally, before authorizing the request, commands must also certify that Marines:
    1. Have passed, or been medically waived from, their most recent physical fitness test (PFT) or combat fitness test (CFT).
    2. Have not received a judicial or court-martial punishment within the past 6 months.
    3. Have been recommended for promotion or advancement on their most recent fitness report for (E5 and above) of proficiency and conduct marks that average 4.0 to 5.0 for (E4 and below) enlisted Marines.
  • Marines must have, at a minimum, six months remaining on their enlistment or military service obligation to receive credential funding. Waivers will be considered by the Marine Corps Credentials Program Office (EXCEPT FOR CYBER SECURITY WORKFORCE) under the following circumstances for Marines who:
    1. Are being discharged or released from service due to a combat-related injury.
    2. Have less than six months remaining in service, but have completed a minimum of 20 years Marine Corps service. Marine must be able to complete all certification requirements within 60 calendar days prior to separation from the Marine Corps.
    3. Intend to reenlist or extend, but are awaiting execution of reenlistment or extension (i.e. pending service reenlistment bonus timeframes). Waiver package must include a Marine Corps Credentialing Program Professional Certification and Licensing Voucher Request and a command endorsed and executed IRAM MCO P1070.12K, page-11 Administrative Remarks noting the Marine’s intention to extend or reenlist.

Note: The command's local approving official for VOLUNTARY credentialing exams is the Commanding Officer (but may be delegated to Dept Head, Division Officer, or Command-designated E7 and above). The command's local approving official for MANDATORY Cyber IT/CSWF credentialing exams is the The Cyber IT/Cybersecurity Workforce Program Manager (Cyber IT/CSWF-PM).

The approving official must locally validate that the member has documented competency or experience in the position to which the credential is tied (for example, Evaluation, Fitness Report, Personnel Qualification System (PQS), counseling sheet, formal course completion, etc.). The Marine Corps' Credentials Program Office may request competency and experience documentation.

IMPORTANT NOTE – If the Marine Corps' Credentials Program is expected to fund the credentialing exam – under no circumstances shall the member (or member’s command/organization) register, take, participate in, schedule, or otherwise obligate the member or government in any Marine Corps-funded credentialing program or exam without completed and confirmed funding from the Marine Corps' Credentials Program Office.

  1. The Marine Corps' Credentials Program Office must receive the voucher request, containing all the required information and endorsements, from the member or Command Approving Official NO LESS THAN seven (7) business days PRIOR to the exam date.
  2. Voucher requests received less than seven (7) business days PRIOR to the exam date may risk not being approved for payment.
  3. Requests for a waiver of the seven (7) business day requirement will require documentation from the command that the member was prevented from requesting the voucher earlier due to operational requirements, illness or hospitalization, or other circumstances beyond the control of the member, and will be subject to the availability of funding and to the processing times required by the credentialing agency.
  4. Voucher requests submitted greater than sixty (60) days PRIOR to the exam date will not be processed for approval until they are within the sixty (60) day window. Waivers will be considered only for those exams that require payment greater than sixty (60) days prior to the exam.
  5. Voucher requests submitted after starting, taking, participating in, or otherwise incurring the credentialing expense will be rejected, and the member will be personally liable for the expense.
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Updated: September 25, 2019