New 17xx Cyber MOS

A new battlespace is emerging for the Marine Corps; as the newly created 17xx Cyberspace Operations Occupational Field begins take shape, a new generation of operators will be taking the fight to the enemy across a new spectrum of warfare. The duties and responsibilities found within these new Cyber Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) range from conducting internal security to active exploitation and counterintelligence operations within the Cyber battlespace.

The Marine Corps initially entered the realm of Cyberspace in March of 2016 with the activation of Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group (MCCYWG) with the mission of training, equipping, and performing cyber operations (offensive & defensive) in support of US Cyber Command. Marines in serving under these roles typically came from the 06xx and 26xx Occupational Fields; however, there was not an official Marine Cyberspace Occupational Field during this period.

In the 2019 fiscal year, the addition of the 17xx MOS series (Cyberspace Operations) has provided the Marine Corps with the ability to specialize Marines in the primary MOSs within this new Occupational Field solely in the spectrum of Cyberspace Warfare.

As these new specialties continue to progress, it is important that these Marines have opportunities to obtain valuable credentials which will assist them in being as effective as possible during their military service, while preparing them for the transition into the civilian workforce. These credentials range in specialty from “certified ethical hacker” to “network forensic analyst” demonstrating the high level of training and unique skillsets that Marines within these MOSs possess.