Marine Security Guard: Unique Credentials for Unique Service

Truly keeping with the traditions of “any clime and place,” Marine Security Guards are assigned to over 140 United States Embassy detachments across the globe; from the sandy beaches of the Bahamas to the frigid cold of Russia, and beyond. Marines Security Guards (MSGs) can be found on duty protecting the vital classified information and equipment found within Diplomatic and Consular facilities. As these Marines must maintain dominate security posture while operating in high visibility areas, they must be masters of their crafts and the epitome of professionalism.

Marine Corps COOL is proud to assist these Marines with the ability to obtain relevant and highly desirable credentials which will assist them in being as effective as possible while carrying out their worldwide service as MSGs; additionally, these credentials help to prepare the Marines for the transition into the highly competitive civilian workplace. From Certified Crime Scene Analyst to the highly desired Certified Records Manager Credential, Marine Corps COOL enables these Marines to showcase the skill sets acquired in this unique B-billet.