New Collateral Duty Billets for 03 Occupational Field

To expand the credentialing opportunities for the 03 Infantry occupational field, nine collateral duty billets have been created. Infantry Marines assigned a collateral duty are eligible for credentials related to that duty in addition to their primary MOS. You can see the new collateral duties in the Find & Select Related Credentials search box, under the "Collateral Duty/Out of Billet MOS" heading.

The new collateral duty/out of billet MOSs are:

  • Disaster Preparedness Specialist
  • FFI – Force Fitness Instructor
  • Infantry Instructors
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • SACS – Substance Abuse & Alcohol Counseling Specialist
  • Safety Officer (RSO/PSO/OICs)
  • SF/VBSS – Security Force/Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure Team Member
  • Special Warfare/Reconnaissance Medic
  • UAO – Unmanned Aerial Operator

The Marine Corps Infantry community is a multi-faceted occupational field that assumes progressively greater collateral responsibilities once they have completed their primary MOS schools. The Infantry community has developed specific workforce initiatives to have Infantry personnel serve in key command support capacities and billets within the Infantry community. The training is focused on primary occupations, as well as necessary skill sets required to operate in multi-faceted support billets that are required for mission accomplishment. Infantry Marines are developed through tough, realistic training, experience, and formal training necessary to build an autonomous work force that can operate independently abroad with self-sufficient, self-sustaining attributes and adaptable skills.

The collateral duty billets are currently open for the 03 occupational field only.