Step 2: Learn About Credential Requirements

Credential agencies may have education, training, experience, and other requirements associated with a credential. Find out if you are good to go or not by reviewing all of the eligibility requirements for the particular credential. To learn more about credential eligibility requirements, go to How are Credential Requirements Determined? Then, go to the credentialing agency website to learn how to apply.

Review the Credential on COOL

  1. Look for the credentials marked as Most (directly related) or Some (skill related) in the Related Credentials table on your federal occupational series summary page. These credentials have the most potential for you to take advantage of the training and education you've attained in your career.
  2. Click on the credential name in the table to open up a Credential Snapshot page. The Snapshot pages contain a description of the credential, a summary and detailed information on the credential requirements, and links to the credentialing agency's web page for additional information.
  3. Review the Summary and Eligibility tabs on the snapshot page to get an overview of what is required by the credentialing agency (on the Summary tab) and specific details (on the Eligibility tab), if applicable. Credentialing boards determine the requirements for licensure and certification. Typically, they require a combination of the following:
    • Education
    • Training
    • Work or professional experience
    • Examinations
    • Other unique job-related requirements

Contact the Credentialing Agency

  1. Confirm applicable licensure or certification requirements and request application forms and exam preparation materials if available.
  2. Determine if your education, training, and experience is accepted by the credentialing agency and determine what additional steps, if any, you need to take to become licensed or certified.

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